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DigWine Intro - English

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499 kr
Ordinarie pris
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This course is perfect for you who wants to learn more about wine, no previous knowledge is needed. Our pedagogical instructors will guide you through an amazing journey around the wine world and we will teach you everything from how you make wine till how you taste wine on a methodical level and why.

The course content:

  • The basics about different grapes that are used in winemaking
  • Knowledge about winemaking
  • Basics about the wines different characters
  • Wine & food in combination
  • How you taste wine

The course is active for 21 days and after that you have completed the course with an approved result you will receive a certificate about your new knowledge.


What does the course cost and how does is work?

  • DigWine Intro cost 499 SEK VAT included
  • When you have bought the course, you will receive a confirmation letter from Klarna. After 15-30 minutes you will receive another email from Scandinavian Wine Academy that will invite you to Learnifier that is our digital platform. Register with your name, email and password. Done! Observe, some emails may be in your junk mail.

About DigWine

DigWine is a digital platform that we update regularly with new courses and information. Our digital wine courses and educations will raise your knowledge and understanding within the world of beverages and it is made for you who has a genuine interest or for you who work with service and hospitality for example. With this said, you can learn about wine where and whenever you want.

We will guide you through this with text, images, videos, and quizzes You are just a few clicks away from your new adventures through the wine world. See you in the wine cloud.